Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions section is intended to provide answers to questions that you might have while working with the system. Should you not find the answer you are looking for, please email us or call with your question and we'll answer it as soon as possible. Thank you!

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General Questions
[]  How do I find the right camp?

The camps are seperated by boys, girls and both.  Just select the category for the camper and them the type of camp that your looking for.

Boys' Basketball Camps
[]  How long of a walk is it for the campers between the dormitory, the gym, and the dining hall?

Firestine Residence Hall is approximately 100 yards from the recreation center with the Student Center Dining Room being only 150 yards on the other side of Firestine.

[]  How many campers are assigned to each room and how are roommates assigned?

Our rooms are double occupancy rooms.  In special situations, we have moved a third bed mattress into a room to provide for three to sleep in the same room.  Roommates are assigned by "roommate preference" as listed on the registration form.  If no roommate preference is requested, we will assign persons of like grade to room together.

[]  How many players are placed on a camp team?

We guarantee that there will not be more than seven players per 5/5 team.  Often times the younger age campers will have only 6 per team.  On our 3/3 teams we usually have 4 or 5 players per team.  For instructional purposes, each teaching group will have 10 or less campers.

[]  How safe would you deem your campus to be?

Wittenberg University has a full-time security and police force in operation year round.  This department is visible around campus on foot, on bikes, and in cruisers.  An officer will welcome and address campers at the opening camp session.

The dormitory cannot be accessed from outside without a room key. There are visibly lit emergency phones located on campus as well.  The part of our campus that we limit campers to be is a very compact area. In addition, campers return to the dorm before dark each evening.

[]  Is any of the camp instruction and/or competitive play area located outside?

All of our camp activity is conducted indoors.  Our facility has five full courts with 20 baskets located within this area.

[]  Is swimming available?

While there is not much "down time" from basketball, we do provide time to swim on Monday and Tuesday of the four-day camps and on Friday of the two-day camps.  The pool is Olympic size and is guarded by certified lifeguards.

[]  Is there a need for a camper to have any spending money? If so, how much do you recommend?

Our camp has a concession stand available.  Pricing is usually as follows:  Gatorade $1.25, Soda $.75,

Candy $.75, Tee shirts $8, Shorts $12, a large one-topping pizza can be purchased for delivery after the evening session of camp for $9.00 (most often two campers will share in the cost).  We don't believe a camper should bring more than $25-$30 to camp.  If there is a clothing item or basketball that a camper wants it can be purchased on the final day of camp at pickup.

In addition, we operate a camp bank to eliminate the need for campers to carry money around at camp.  A deposit can be made at check in and the withdrawal after the camp closing ceremony on the last day of camp.  This enables all transactions to be done without hard currency having to be exchanged.

[]  Is there a on-staff medical person at the camp?

We currently have an agreement with Wright State University for our full-time sports medicine staff.

[]  Is there air-conditioning in the dorm?

Firestine Hall AND our recreation center AND our dining hall are all air conditioned.

[]  What is the quality of the food in the dining hall?

Our campus food service is operated by the SODEXO company.  Meals are served on an all-you-can-eat and drink basis.  Not only is the food of high quality there is a also a variety of food stations among which to choose.

[]  What type of dormitory supervision is there for the resident campers?

By our contract with the university, our camp is required to have one counselor for every 10 campers.  Our dorm counselors are actual coaches who are instructing at the camp.  In addition, our assistant coach serves as our live-in "Dorm Daddy" and oversees everything.

[]  Who makes up your instructional staff?

Our camp staff is made up of high school varsity coaches, junior high school coaches, current college players as well as members of our Wittenberg University coaching staff.

Girls' Volleyball Camps
[]  Are the campers divided into groups strictly by age or by skill?

Campers are divided into groups by skill.  The staff evaluates each campers needs and groups are formed with campers of similar skill level and training needs.

[]  How are the campers supervised?

Camp staff members stay in the residence hall with the campers and supervise them during meal breaks.  The residence hall and gym are very close to each other. 

[]  Is it OK to arrive late or leave for a session if a camper has another obligation (softball game, state fair, etc)?

Yes.  Campers must let the camp director and their court coach know in advance.

[]  Is there a discount for attending more than 1 camp or a family discount for more than 1 camper?

No.  There are no multiple camp discounts or family discounts.

[]  Should campers do anything to prepare for the camp?

The camp is designed as a skill development, technical training environment.  We focus on driving home the fundamentals and teaching individual skills.  Campers should be prepared to hear feedback, be open to changes/improvements, be patient and persistent, and enjoy the process of mastering a skill.

Summer College
[]  When does Summer College start?

Summer College runs from Wednesday August 6 through Wednesday August 20.  You should plan on moving into your Summer College residence hall, Tower Hall, on Wednesday August 6.  

Move-in will be from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM on Wednesday the 6th.